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Four Ways to Maintain Beautiful Skin Tags: cosmetic dermatology laser

Skin that looks young and healthy does not automatically happen for most people over a certain age. It takes an effort to maintain a clear complexion. There are a variety of tips and products people use to improve their appearance, but everyone will benefit from basic skin care and a little additional help from their local cosmetic dermatologist. The following four suggestions can help to instantly improve the appearance of the skin.

Hydrate the Body

Dehydration does much more than cause dry skin. When people do not consume enough water, their skin is more likely to suffer from red patches, breakouts and even excessive oiliness. Moisturizing the skin will not help when the problem is dehydrated. The only solution is to drink more water or to add food with a high-water-content, like cucumbers or strawberries, to a diet.

Take Cooler Showers

Hot, steamy showers and baths are relaxing, but they damage the skin. Showering in hot water strips away the natural oil the skin needs. The result is skin that is dry, red and itchy. Over time it could cause dry patches and extreme skin irritation. The problem of dry skin worsens during the winter because the dry cold air during this season already pulls a lot of moisture from the skin. Unfortunately, a nice hot bath after a day outside in the cold is irresistible for many people. To compensate for the occasional steamy shower, try to skip a shower once or twice a week, use a gentle cleanser and always apply a moisturizer immediately after showering or bathing.

Discover Cosmetic Solutions

The treatments offered by cosmetic dermatology help to correct past errors and reduce the impact of uncontrollable skin issues. Resurfacing, dermal injections and ultherapy treat many skin complaints. These services reduce or eliminate scarring and brown spots, help to erase wrinkles and make the skin smoother and more vibrant.

Eliminate Excess Hair

Body and facial hair detract from the otherwise beautiful skin. When people use depilatories, razors or waxing it is possible for the skin to suffer. Ingrown hairs, scars and rashes are a common reaction and they make the effort of hair removal seem less worthwhile. Even tweezing is a risk because it can cause ingrown hairs as well. The best option is usually laser hair removal. It is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair permanently.

Develop a regular routine for skin care to make the process easier. The amount of time and effort it takes to maintain the skin will plummet once the skin is properly hydrated and old scars and other issues have been addressed. Talk to an expert to learn all of the services available to treat any specific skin conditions or concerns.


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